Counseling Services/Classes

The Narrative Therapy Institute offers services to the following populations, either locally in Athens, Georgia, or via Skype. Please contact us for more info.
  • Individuals. Your session with a therapist is confidential and focused on you and your specific concerns. Your counselor will collaborate with you around your needs and goals and create a plan with you.
  • Couples. Our goal will be to address the effects of problems in your relationship so you can connect or reconnect with one another, without the problems being in the way of the hopes you have for one another.
  • Families. Problems can come into a family’s life and have negative effects on everyone involved. Narrative Family Therapy is designed to align the strengths and resources of family members against those problems.
  • Children’s Classes. Children’s classes are interactive and may include warm conversation, play and art activities, music, games, and storytelling.
  • Adolescents. Teens experience unique concerns around relationships and growing independence. Your therapist will be interested in your teen’s dreams and goals, and particular abilities and strengths.
  • Seniors. We believe that older adults have wisdom and lived experience that can be helpful in taking on the challenges of life, and your therapist will work with you to access those skills and abilities.


Individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, seniors $120/session

We accept payments in cash, check, or credit card. If you choose to use the credit card option, there will be a 3% fee added to the total to cover the credit service transaction.

Call for fees for children’s classes.


Insurance companies:

BlueCross/Blue Shield


We will collect your co-payment and file for you.


We charge you our regular fee and provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for any out-of-network benefits they may provide. Some plans require pre-authorization; you may want to check with the company before beginning services with us to insure you will receive your benefits.

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