Paul Gallant, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT




In my practice, I meet often with couples. The partners may be heterosexual or from the LGBTQ community. They may be in long-time relationships or in new relationships. There are those who are dating, thinking marriage, or are going through changes. In every case, it has been a privilege and a welcome opportunity to be invited into problem solving with people in intimate partner relationships.

I have been trained in many approaches to working with couples. By far the greatest influences on my work are the ideas and practices of Narrative Therapy. The focus of this approach is, as quickly as possible, to get rid of or greatly reduce the problems that have come into the relationship.

We include these steps in our sessions:
1. Naming the problem.
2. Measuring the effects of the problem on each partner and on the relationship.
3. Naming the resources (skills, experience, wisdom, knowledge) people already possess that help them stand up to the problem.
4. Evaluating these resources.
5. Deciding together on the next steps that can be taken to eliminate the problem.

This approach is the most hopeful, energizing, respectful, timesaving, and successful one that I have found in my over 35 years of counseling practice.

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